Joe Biden elected president of the USA, Trump out

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Democratic candidate Joe Biden has won the US presidential election and elected the new president of the USA, after defeating President Donald Trump who s term was described as the worse nightmare in America and in the world’ s history.

On Friday night, Biden had predicted he would win with land slide.

“The numbers tell us … it’s a clear and convincing story: We’re going to win this race,” Biden said from his home state of Delaware.

Joe Biden is now the 46th president of the United States.

The Democratic presidential nominee has served as vice president under former President Barack Obama. He is also Delaware’s longest-serving senator.

Throughout his campaign, Biden has argued that the “soul of the nation” is at stake, and has promised to heal the country that was fractured by Trump.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris has become the first black woman to be elected Vice President of the United States.

The 56-year-old California senator, also the first person of South Asian descent elected to the vice presidency, has made history.

‘We did it, Joe. You’re going to be the next president of the United States,’ Harris is heard telling her running mate in the brief clip.

Harris has been a rising star in Democratic politics for much of the last two decades, serving as San Francisco’s district attorney and California’s attorney general before becoming a U.S. senator. 

After Harris ended her own 2020 Democratic presidential campaign, Joe Biden tapped her as his running mate. They will be sworn in as president and vice president on January 20.

According to reports, Harris is married to a Jewish man, Doug Emhoff, whose children from a previous marriage call her ‘Momala.

Harris was born in 1964 to two parents active in the civil rights movement. Shyamala Gopalan, from India, and Donald Harris, from Jamaica. Both the immigrants couple met at the University of California, Berkeley.


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