Jawi script should be taught in Chinese and Tamil schools, the court rules

jawi script

GEORGE TOWN: The High Court dismissed Gerakan’s suit that Jawi script should not be taught in vernacular schools nationwide.

Instead, the Court ruled that the Jawi script is part of Bahasa Malaysia and can be taught to pupils in Chinese and Tamil schools.

High Court Judicial Commissioner Amarjit Serjit Singh said the case ought to be thrown out as Jawi is part of Bahasa Malaysia which is the national language, according to The Star.

He said the implementation of Jawi classes was not in conflict with the spirit of the National Language Act 1963/1967 and the provisions of the Federal Constitution.

The government has decided to implement the teaching of Jawi script in vernacular schools.
Many people, especially non-Muslim Malaysians are against this move.

In September, Gerakan filed a suit to challenge the Federal Government’s decision.

Some of them think that teaching of Jawi in Chinese or Tamil schools would propagate Islam in such vernacular schools.

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