Japanese pianist and businesswoman Tomoko Kato crowned Mrs Asia USA International 2023


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Tomoko at the crowning moment

Los Angeles:  Tomoko Kato, a pianist and businesswoman from Japan, has been crowned the new Mrs. Asia USA International 2023 after shining over 50 contestants at the Miss and Mrs. Asia USA beauty contest that was held recently at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Centre near LA.

The beauty pageant, Miss Asia USA International and Miss Asia USA, which was staged under the theme “Celebrating Diversity and Culture,” is an annual event organized and produced by Virgelia Productions, an event producer based in Los Angeles California.

Tomoko, who is of Japanese nationality,  born and raised in Japan, has represented Korea, as her grand ancestors were originally from Seoul, South Korea.

In a statement after winning the prestigious title, the newly crowned Asia International Queen told MWN reporter that she did not believe she had won the international crown.

“Finally, I received the title of Mrs.Asia USA International at the world competition held by @virgelia_productions.

“I feel very honoured and overwhelmed with emotion. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to @virgeliaprod for hosting such a historic and wonderful world tournament.

“I have spent the last two years dreaming of this day. I would like to thank everyone who supported me,” Tomoko added.

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Tomoko in Korean National Costume by Tommy Le

She also thanks her renowned fashion designers, Tommy Le and Kenneth Barlis, for the classy coronation dress and national costume that she presented on stage with elegance and pride.

The judges at the competition evaluated the contestants based on their performances on stage, commitment to their platforms, and also based on their outside appearances as well as their inner beauty, which the winner bested all of them.

The reigning beauty queen, Mrs Asia USA International 2023-2024, Tomoko is not only charmant, but she is also a talented pianist. She said she uses her musical talent to help heal old folks and mental health patients. She usually volunterary plays the piano for senior citizens at old folks’ home, which can have a positive effect on their physical and mental health.

“As an international queen, I would like to use this platform to help people with mental health disorders, all over the world.

“This is the platform that I want to expand for now under my reign as Mrs. Asia USA International,” Tomoko said.

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This year Virgelia beauty pageant has hosted over 50 contestants from different categories, representing many different countries, including Japan, Indonesia, India, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Germany, Estonia, and many more.

Among the other winners at this 35th-anniversary coronation on November 18, 2023, were:

• Miss Asia USA International—Sandy Nguyen (Vietnam)

• Miss Asia USA—Tiffany Chan (Taiwan)

• Miss Asia USA, California-Mandy Otgonbandrakh (Mongolia)

• Miss Asia Glamour-Aselya Kopt (Kazakhstan)

• Miss Teen Asia USA: Lily Ann Feller (Vietnam)

•Mrs. Asia USA-Srey Kong Michael

•Mrs. Asia USA Universe-Kiyo Kaneda (Japan)

•Mrs. Asia USA California-Tsogzolmaa Myagmarsuren (Mongolia)

• Mrs. Asia Glamour-Sindee Ngo (Vietnam)

•Mrs. Philippines USA-Nikka Navarro (Philippines)

•Mrs. India USA-BHAVI Shah (India)

• Miss Latina Global: Janice Lopez (Mexico)

• Miss Teen Latina Global-Cheyenne Hejonosa (Mexico)

•Mrs. Latina Global-Violeta Martin (Mexico)

•Mrs. Latina Global California-Kimberly Armond (Acosta Rica)

• Miss Europe Global-Michelle Beach (Armenia)

•Mrs. Europe Global-Monica Spruch (Poland)

• Miss Global Ambassador, Mary Gari (Persia)

•Mrs. Global Ambassador-M.J. Baldwin (Philippines)

• Ms. Entrepreneur Global-Sophirian Kim (Cambodia)

•Mrs. Senior Global, Noriko Sato (Japan)

“Thank you everyone for all of your hard work, support, love, and care to make our 35th Anniversary Celebration of Miss Asia USA—The Pageant—Virgelia Productions, Inc. one more year for a beautiful show where our delegates from all around the world showcase their culture and beauty,” said Virgelia in a statement. Malaysian World News



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