Japan tells its people to drink more alcohol to boost the economy

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The Japanese government has launched a nationwide campaign to encourage people to drink more alcohol. 

Japan government tells its people, especially the youth to drink MORE in bid to boost the economy, after alcohol sales declined due to Covid and Japan’s ageing population.

Officials are now urging the youth to consume more alcohol will boost the sale and tax revenue.

Report said, this move came as the younger generation was found to drink less than their parents.

The national tax agency is now trying to promote drinking via a new competition called “Sake Viva.”

The contest requires people aged 20 to 39 to share their business ideas on how to boost the consumption of alcohol among their age group.

Contestants will come up with branding, promotions and even artificial intelligence plans to help increase sales, BBC reported. 

The competition organisers told BBC the Covid pandemic affected drinking habits among the youth.

According to the news channel, in 2020, people were drinking 16 gallons of alcohol a year, while in 1995, 22 gallons a year were consumed.



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