Japan ranked among the world`s best countries to live in


A recent U.S. News’ survey reported that Japan is one of the 10 best countries in the world. The survey participants, especially Americans, believe that the United Kingdom is the world’s best nation, followed by New Zealand, the United States, Australia, Sweden, Canada, Japan, France, Switzerland, and Germany.

The annual survey, which initially collected data from over 17,000 people living in 36 different nations, had based its evaluation on the importance of mental health care, women’s rights, freedom of the press, democracy, and other factors such as excellent public transportation, a safe living environment, culturally significant entertainment, and caring about animal rights.

According to the US News, Japan is one of the world’s most literate and technically advanced nations. While most of Japan is covered by mountains and heavily wooded areas, the country’s people lead a distinctly urban lifestyle.

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