Japan mourns loss of pioneer bridal fashion Yumi Katsura with heartbreaking tribute

japanese fashion designer dies

TOKYO:  Japanese fashion lovers today paid a heartbreaking tribute to the Japanese, famous bridal designer, Yumi Katsura.

According to local media, Katsura whose real name was Yumi Yuki, studied haute couture in Paris and opened Japan’s first bridal specialty store in Akasaka, Tokyo in 1965. She also held Japan’s first bridal show and became the first regular member from Asia of the National Chamber for Italian Fashion in 1999.

She participated in Paris Haute Couture Week for the first time in 2003.

Katsura is said to have held the first bridal fashion shows that promoted Western-style wedding dresses in postwar Japan where kimono had been the traditional choice.

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One of Katsura`s fabulous bridal collection.

In the 1970s, she released ready-to-wear wedding dresses, marketed as able to be “bought with a month’s salary,” that became widely popular.

Katsura held shows in more than 30 fashion hubs around the world, including New York and Paris, from the 1980s onward. During that time, she made her mark as Japan’s leading designer.

She was also known for designing the formal vestment that Pope John Paul II wore at Easter mass in 1993.



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