Japan cooperations will benefit Malaysians in technology, trade opportunities and human resources –PM Ismail

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TOKYO MAY 28: The meeting between Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob with his Japanese counterpart, Fumio Kishida on Friday had agreed on the opening of the Japan borders to Malaysian travellers effective 1st June 2022.

Ismail said, this will help the post pandemic recovery and also the people’s relationship between the two countries.

“I have also given the assurance and guarantee to Kishida that the opening of the branch campus of University Tsukuba in Malaysia will be finalised shortly.

“The aspiration to open a branch campus of the Japanese institute of higher learning in Malaysia had been forwarded in June 2018 to give more exposure and access to Japanese education system to the Malaysian students,” Ismail said in a statement today on his working visit to Japan from 23-28 May 2022.

Ismail added year 2022 is the 65th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Malaysia and Japan and also the 40th anniversary for the Look East Policy (LEP).

Regarding LEP, Ismail said he appreciates the support and Japan’s aid in the development efforts in Malaysia in the context of LEP implementation.

“We are prepared to continue the LEP with Japan via formulating new programmes together such as in energy, smart city, environment and climate change,” Ismail said.

Ismail also mentioned about his visit to Itabashi City Council on 24th May 2022 where he met with industry leaders and representratives of Japanese companies in Itabashi Territory.

According to Ismail, a new cooperation agreement has been made between Itabachi City and Kuala Lumpur City covering as follows: i) close cooperation between Itabashi City and Kuala Lumpur City including the smart city cooperation and the Target of the Sustainable Development Growth (SDG), ii) cooperation in handling disaster context especially in the efforts to address and counter flood issues.

“The Minister of Federal Territories, Datuk Seri Dr. Shahidan Kassim and the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur City, Datuk Seri Mahadi Che Ngah had discussions with the Itabashi City Mayor, Takeshi Sakamoto on the same issue that is efforts to address and counter the floods in Kuala Lumpur,” Ismail added. 

The Prime Minister also stressed that he and Prime Minister Kishida had witnessed the signing of three Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) namely MoC between the government of Malaysia and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry , Japan (METI) concerning the aircraft industry (led by Ministry of International Trade and Industry), MoC in Basic Work Frame for the Operation Information Sharing relating to the Foreign Worker Sources with the status skilled worker category that will be identified (led by the Ministry of Human Resources) and MoC between the government of Malaysia and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Japan Technology (MEXT) on the cooperation in youth and sports (led by Ministry of Youth and Sports).

Ismail also touched on issues relating to South China Sea in his meeting with Kishida . All parties need to ensure the South China Sea maintain as a peaceful area and free from any kinds of threats.

“All countries related should remain committed in maintaining the peacefulness and the stability of the South China Sea waters. This is to avoid elements that could affect the peacefulness and the sailing safety in the South China Sea.

“I have said that Malaysia will not compromisewith any forms of threats to the sovereignty dan the stronghold of the Malaysia territory in South China Sea. Relevant and suitable actions have been taken by Malaysia in the forms of protest and negotiations with the involved parties,” Ismail reiterated.

“In this official working visit I have also been engaged and communicated with almost 30 Japanese conglomerate companies. The top management of the Japanese multinational companies had mentioned their plans to explore trade opportunities and increased investments in Malaysia.

“Among the companies include i) Mistsubishi Corporation ii. Mitsui & Co Ltd, iii. Marubeni Corporation iv) Aeon Co Ltd, v). Japan Petroleum Exploration Co Ltd vi) ENEOS Corporation.

“I would also like to share that this was the first time the keynote address from Malaysia at the Nikkei Conference was presented in Bhasa Melayu. I had also discussed with Prime Minister Kishida in Bahasa Melayu throughout the meeting,” Ismail said.

Ismail added the strong usage of Bahasa Melayu at the international platform such as the Nikkei Conference and meeting with counterparts is part of the government’s efforts to dignify Bahasa Melayu in the world. –Malaysia World News

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