JAKIM’s role will be extended to frame national policies in Malaysia MADANI –PM Anwar


KUALA LUMPUR: The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) will be given a much bigger responsibility such as assisting in sketching and framing the national policy following MADANI concept.

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said, JAKIM’s responsibility all the while has only been on preaching or ‘dakwah,’ training and organizing the yearly Al-Quran reading and reciting competition but less on framing the 12th Malaysia Plan based on Malaysia MADANI.

“The Minister of Religious Affairs, Prime Minister’s Department, will be in charge of the extension of responsibility in JAKIM,” Anwar said in his speech in conjunction with the opening ceremony of the Tilawah and Hafazan Al-Quran 2023 National Level held in Butterworth, Penang this evening (Sunday).

Penang is the host for the event that is scheduled to start today until 16th June at the PICCA Convention Center@Arena Butterworth.

Anwar also called on all Muslims to benefit the miracle of Al-Quran by talking on sustainability and value system that have been proposed without defending on something that is against.

The Prime Minister also referred to the existence of protest by a particular individual towards the government initiative including the MADANI budget with reference to the “ayat” in the Al-Quran that is not correct.

“The act of “riding on” the Al-Quran to debate on something will spoil the purity of the holy book that has been protected by the ‘ulama’ for more than 1,000 years.  

“That is why I am talking on the question of discourse that exists in the Al-Quran to answer the allegation and strong argument. This is done by challenging the people who brought the ideas that is against Al-Quran to ensure we present or reveal something good,” he reiterated.

The Prime Minister added, with that scenario existing in the country, the Muslims should defend the morality and value including in a situation of differences in opinions. –Malaysia World News                  


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