It’s okay to be paid tens of thousands a month to learn – Najib slams Maszlee


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Former premier Najib Abdul Razak sarcasticly pointed out today that Education Minister Maszlee Malik is being paid a high monthly salary “to learn” instead of “to contribute”.

“It’s okay, to be paid tens of thousands a month to learn. Who would not want that and what is wrong? Comfortable.

“Until today, we do not know what is his positive contribution to the education system, parents, students and undergraduates.

“Maszlee says he is still learning. Shoes, socks, swimming. What is he learning and who is his teacher?

“But Maszlee, it is good that you are willing to learn. Insya-Allah (God willing), there may come a time when we share our opinions and suggestions,” Najib said in his facebook.

This was referring to an interview with MalaysiaKin where Maszlee claimed learning the ropes and not for his performance as a minister for the past six months.


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