Italy’s coronavirus death toll rises to 10,023

italy covid19 death soldier taking bodies
Italian Military Trucks taking away coffins from a church as number of death skyrocketed by 899 in just 24 hours (March 28, 2020).

Italy’s coronavirus death toll has jumped by 899 in just a single day bringing the total number of deaths to 10,023, while the total number of cases hit 92,472 as of Sunday March 28.

The Italian government has doubled its struggle to cope with the surge in fatalities from the pandemic.

More than 919 people died of the virus on Friday alone. Prior to that, there were 712 deaths on Thursday, 683 on Wednesday, 743 on Tuesday and 602 on Monday, according to Daily Mail.

Italy’s Prime Minister today warned the European Union could ‘lose its purpose’ if it fails to respond strongly to coronavirus – after the country saw its worst spike in deaths to date, the news portal added.



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