Italy to open borders for tourists starting June 3

Giuseppe Conte italy open borders coronavirus
Pic : Giuseppe Conte Facebook

Rome: Italy has decided to re-open its borders and allow tourists to come in starting from  June 3.

Tourist visiting Italy will not have to undergo the compulsory 14-day quarantine, Italian media reported.

However, only tourists from Europe (EU) will be allowed to enter the country.

This move came as part of the government measures to lift the strict lockdown and ease the travel restrictions.

Italian government has also announced its plans to allow businesses to reopen and people to leave their homes and move freely inside the country effective on 18 May.

However, the government insists on a gradual return to normal due to fears of a second wave of coronavirus infections.

More than 31,600 Italians have died from Covid-19 since the pandemic started in February.

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