Israeli man suspected as “spy” entered Malaysia using valid French passport –Minister Saifuddin

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PORT KLANG: Home Affairs Minister, Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail confirmed that the Israeli man who was arrested on 27th March 2024 entered the country using a valid French passport.

Saifuddin said, there is no issue regarding whether the man has successfully presented valid travel documents to deceive the authorities or if there are enforcement weaknesses at the country’s entry points.

“Currently there is an attempt to portray as if Malaysia’s monitoring system is not thorough and there is a loophole on how the Israeli man entered the country.

“Why the man’s passport was issued in Tel Aviv had also been raised by some quarters. There is a French embassy there and when he wanted to obtain a passport he would go to the embassy.

“From the perspective of our immigration system and immigration laws, if the travel document is valid and we have no issues with the country issuing the travel document, we allow entry,” he said.

Regarding the latest development of the Israeli man suspected as a “spy” and was detained in a hotel at Jalan Ampang last Wednesday with the possession of six pistols and 200 bullets, Saifuddin said, the public have to give full confidence in the police investigating the case.

“The people should give their confidence to the level of professionalism shown by the police in conducting their investigation.

“On the progress of the investigation, I have been briefed from time to time and their achievements are commendable so far,” he told reporters at a press conference.

Saifuddin also highlighted that the case involving the Israeli man is similar to the case of why the government imposed strict measures against dual-citizenship.

“The suspect has a valid French passport and that there is a possibility that he is Israeli and holds a French passport.

“That is why during debates regarding the amendment of the constitution on dual citizenship, we do not recognise it. Now you see why we are strict about it,” he said.

Earlier, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Razarudin Husain was reported as saying that based on interrogations, the suspect claimed he came to this country to kill a fellow citizen allegedly related to a family issue, but the police do not believe his claim.

However, the police are still conducting investigations and it is possible that the suspect had other agendas for coming to this country.

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