Israeli man suspected as a “spy” under strict control


KUALA LUMPUR: The Israeli man suspected to be a spy and had been detained on 27th March with six guns and 200 bullets in his possession at a hotel in Jalan Ampang is currently under the strict control of the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP).

According to sources as reported by Sinar Harian, the strict control on the suspect is to avoid any incident beyond control from happening.

The source said, the unexpected incident includes commit suicide attempt by the suspect aged 36, and self-injury.

“When he was arrested last Wednesday the suspect knew that his plan or mission had failed and he knew the risk he would face if he returned to his place of origin (Israel),” the source said.

The source added, when the suspect was detained it was not impossible that he could take the risk including committing suicide or injuring himself in whatever situation he was in.

According to the source, the RMP imposes strict control on the suspect including attempt by any party to be close to him.

“Currently the suspect is under strict control of the Kuala Lumpur Police Contingent and the location could not be disclosed,” said the source to Sinar Harian.

The source added, compared to other detainees involved in criminal cases, this suspect is categorised as a high risk and there will be an officer and police personnel to guard him in every 24 hours.

However, the source said, the strict control on the suspect could be seen when he is taken to the court to get the permission to extend his remand or mention of the case.

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