Israel launches new strikes on Gaza, despite international calls for ceasefire

israel strikes gaza2
Rescue team looking for casualties buried under Israeli strikes

GAZA, MAY 17 – Israel continues conducting dozens of air strikes on the Gaza Strip on Monday, despite the global calls for ceasefire.

Today was the heaviest raid and attack on Gaza since the fighting began a week ago.

The Israeli military today said more than 50 warplanes conducted a 20-minute attack on the Gaza Strip shortly before dawn on Monday.

They struck 35 “terror targets” and destroyed more than 15km (9.3 miles) of an underground tunnel network belonging to Hamas, it added, as reported by BBC.

This heavy raids, Israel claims, was after Palestinian militants (Hamas) fired barrages of rockets at southern Israeli cities.

The Israeli military also said it had hit the homes of nine “high-ranking” Hamas commanders. Israeli soldiers also fired artillery from positions near the Gaza border, according to the global media.

Israel added it hit facilities belonging to the militant group Hamas and several commanders’ homes.

The Gaza main roads and power lines were also damaged.

There were no immediate reports of casualties following the strikes.


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