Israel found a new, effective remedy for cancer, 100% Tumor Shrinkage Rate


Israeli firm Alpha Tau Medical has developed a new cancer treatment that destroys the tumors, reported The Jerusalem Post.

The treatment is called Alpha DaRT (Diffusing Alpha-emitters Radiation Treatment), and it delivered total tumor destruction in over 78% of cases.

Most cancer treatments out there are simply not tolerable, but Alpha DaRT uses, for the first time, alpha radiation for solid tumor treatment in a way that the body can tolerate it.

According to The Jerusalem Post, Alpha particles have a high capacity to destroy cancer cells without causing side effects on healthy cells. 

In one recent study, the treatment showed tumor shrinkage in 100% of cases and delivered total tumor destruction in over 78% of cases.

Alpha DaRT technology was invented by Tel Aviv University professors Itzhak Kelson and Yona Keisari. CEO Uzi Sofer then founded Alpha Tau in 2016.

Now Alpha Tau is growing rapidly. It had fewer than 10 employees in 2016 but now counts more than 40. 

And other cancer centers are also exploring Alpha DaRT. Trials are being undertaken in Israel, Canada, Japan, Russia, Italy and in the United States.

Alpha Tau may just produce the cure we have been waiting for, bringing much-needed hope to millions across the world. Although it’s too early to know for sure its results are that promising.


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