Israel declares war on Hamas in Malaysia, Turkey, Iran, and Qatar

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Israel has declared war on Hamas worldwide. Top Israeli officials said Israel will go after all Hamas Leaders wherever they are.

Reports said Israeli forces decided to bomb Hamas leaders not only in Gaza, but in Iran, Qatar, Turkey, and Malaysia as well.

According Israeli television and media, the Israeli forces will strike in Iran, Turkey, Qatar, Malaysia – countries that host, finance and train Hamas officials.

Israeli is also accusing these countries ( Malaysia, Turkey, Iran and Qatar) of training and financing the brotherhood Hamas.

Yesterday Israel military bombed and destroyed two tall buildings ( in Gaza) which belong to Qatar and Turkey.

Israeli airstrikes destroyed the Qatari Aljazeera TV building and other buildings believed to be hosting or protecting Hamas leaders, Israeli officials said.

Now Israel is declaring war against Hamas all over the world.

Watch what they see here:

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