Ismail urges local media to write the truth and help govt solve COVID-19 pandemic issue

Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob covid 19 media

PUTRAJAYA APRIL 5: The local media should be responsible to write the truth and not half truth or fake news to avoid confusion among the public amidst the enforcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO) due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister of Defence and Senior Minister (Security Cluster), Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, every news report that is written, printed or broadcasted must be the truth and not fake as to help the government solve the crisis.

Ismail added, the people rely very much on the media to get the latest information from the government throughout the enforcement of MCO.

Earlier he said, there was confusion in yesterday’s news that said 90 quarantine centres were opened to cater 40,000 people and that was not correct.

“The government have gazetted 551 quarantine centres to cater more than 40,000 people. Yesterday 90 centres have been occupied and today 107,” he said explaining the confusion in the media reports yesterday.

In the press conference held here today, Ismail also mentioned that people have complained that the food supply is not enough and alleged that prices of some food have been abruptly hiked.

“The people need not worry as the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro Based Industry has guaranteed that there is sufficient food supply in the country and there is no necessity for panic buying.

“On the alleged prices of some essential commodities that have been raised, Ismail said, officers from the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumers’ Affairs have constantly monitored the prices of goods.

“If there is any case of essential food prices that have been hiked, the public can report directly to the ministry,’’ Ismail added.

Regarding MCO offenders that have also been charged under the Penal Code Ismail said, the persons involved did not only breach the MCO but also have stopped the police from doing their duties and also in one case a motorist has ramped through a roadblock.

On MCO compliance, the minister reported, 368 individuals have been detained at roadblocks and police patrols and the number have been reduced by 11% compared to 433 detentions the day before.

However 309 individuals were remanded and 59 were on bail.

The police and the army have carried out 745 roadblocks throughout the country on April 4, checked 331,839 vehicles, conducted 25,554 spot checks and checked 4,399 premises.

Ismail added, the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) have also helped the police by using drone in certain areas throughout the enforcement of MCO.

Regarding the issue of congestions in the Malaysian Prisons, Ismail said the government is now studying the situation and the Director General of the Malaysian Prisons Department has sent a report on the status of Malaysian prisons during MCO.

“The Malaysian Prisons Department will discuss with the Malaysian Police and the Attorney General Office (AGC) to overcome the issue,” he reiterated.

Relating to some Malaysians that have been quarantined in India and the video have gone viral few days ago, Ismail said, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is taking action to bring them back. –Malaysia World News

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