Is Pas Hadi the next Prime Minister of Malaysia?

Hadi Awang

The PAS seems to be penetrating the goverment and becoming a crucial part in the country’s decision making. More importantly, the PAS has become a very important body for both UMNO and Bersatau. Both parties now look at the PAS as a salvager or rescuer, as without this party UMNO and PAS might not be able to form a government.

Today, a PAS Leader said the party this time is targeting to win at least 40 parliamentary seats in the GE15. 

“While PAS’ 18 parliamentary seats (in GE14) were commendable, doubling the number is possible, given the performance of PAS in three states where we currently hold the majority,” Its vice-president Amar Nik Abdullah said at the launch of the party’s election machinery here last night.

“If we were to take over the federal government, what would happen? A PAS prime minister would definitely outdo the performance in the three states,” he said.

“I believe that a PAS leader will become prime minister one day,” he said.

However, according to analysts, it’s impossible for PAS to win many parliamentary seats in the elections.

PAS is very important for both UMNO and Bersatau, because they can split votes among the Malay-Muslims majority. They can add value to either Umno or Bersatu during the elections only, said Political analyst Dr Azmi Hassan.

In a question posed by Malaysia World News reporter, why the PAS seems to be so important for both Umno and Bersatu, Azmi said the tragetted voters of the 3 parties ( Umno, Bersatu and PAS) are the same – basically the Malay-Muslim voters. So whoever can create split among the voters is very important.”

As for the question whether PAS can win 40 seats in the coming general election (GE15) or whether PAS president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang can become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia, Azmi said “it`s impossible.”

He said the PAS can be influential only in few constituencies, mainly their current constituencies , and they might even lose some constituencies this time as the perception of the majority of the public towards them is not good right now.

“They might win up to 18 or less, no more than that.
” I also do not think Hadi can gain the support of the majority of the MPs.

” As the PAS is currently in the government, there are a lot of negative perception about them.

” As such, it` s impossible for Hadi or any leader from PAS to become a Prime Minister, ” added Azmi.

Many observers say that the PAS are losing public support because they are not focusing on issues that matter the public such as corruption, education, inflations and so on.

“Officials from PAS are more concern about the dress code, banning concerts, festivals and imposing their own version on the society than the issues of basic needs,” said an observer.

Hadi was recently quoted saying  it was up to Malaysian voters to decide the party they want to govern the country in the next general election.

“The next prime minister will be and from which party, will be determined based on the results of GE15,”he said.


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