Irish man sues Petra Group Chairman for breach of contract, court bailiff fails to execute arrest warrant

Court arrest
Court bailiffs raids Vinod Sekhar house, but he is not around.

SHAH ALAM: The court bailiffs could not execute an arrest warrant against rubber industry figure Vinod Sekhar who is allegedly accused of conning an Irish national of US$108,000 (about RM449,000).

John Slattery filed a civil suit against Sekhar claiming he paid the US$108,000 to Sekhar in 2017 as an investment in Green Rubber Sdn Bhd, a company which Sekhar was chairperson and founder.

According to Slattery`s lawyer Colin Pereira who sued Sekhar for breach of contract, neither the judgment debtor nor his family were at home when the court bailiff arrived to arrest him this morning.

“The security guard was unable to confirm where they were. But a check on the judgment debtor Vinod Sekhar`s facebook seems to suggest that he is in London, United Kingdom,” Colin Pereira told Malaysia World News.

On 23 August, Malaysiakini reported that Court bailiffs had on Aug 7 raided the house of  Vinod Sekhar in Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur and allegedly seized valuables worth RM150,000.

The action was taken to fulfill a writ of seizure issued by the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court recently, following the court’s decision to award John Slattery US$108,000 as a full settlement for his suit against the businessperson.

The judgment was made in default on June 11 following Sekhar’s failure to appear before the court, according to the report.

It was also reported that Sekhar had promised the Irishman many positions in three companies including as executive director in Green Rubber Sdn Bhd and as senior vice-president of strategic development in Sekhar’s well-known Petra Group. Sekhar is chair of Petra Group and also the company’s chief executive officer.

“During the interview for these posts, Sekhar had offered my client the opportunity to invest in Green Rubber. He had represented to my client that he was a famous corporate figure and that his father was a prominent figure in the rubber industry.

“However, according to my client, he never mentioned that he was bankrupt.

“My client had then agreed to invest in the company and transferred the sum into Sekhar’s personal bank account on May 16, 2017. However, to date, no shares had been transferred to my client,” the lawyer said.

Failing to respond to the court judgment led the court bailiffs to Sekhar’s house in Bukit Tunku to arrest him today but failed as he was not around.

The court had on Aug 13 issued the arrest warrant for Sekhar following his failure to appear before the court.

Sekhar denied the allegations. When contacted by Malaysiakini, saying he had nothing to do with the case personally and that it was a matter between Green Rubber as a company and Slattery as a former employee.

however, the Irishman`s lawyer wonders – if the judgment debtor is in fact overseas, then my client is indeed surprised to learn that he was allowed to leave the country despite the immigration authorities being informed on two occasions that a warrant of arrest had been issued against him.

“My client has asked me to seek clarification again from the immigration authorities and to raise the matter up with MACC, if necessary.

“We have also sought clarification from the Director-General of Insolvency on whether the judgment debtor, as a bankrupt, has obtained consent to leave the country as required by Section 38 of the Insolvency Act,” he said.

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