Iranian wins 1st prize, $800,000 in Quran competition in Saudi Arabia


Younes Shahmoradi from Iran has won first place and was awarded a prize of $800,000 (three million Saudi Arabian Riyals) on Friday in the international Quran recital competition “Itr Elkalam.” 

At the same event, Abdulaziz al-Faqih from Saudi Arabia won second place and a cash prize of $500,000, while Moroccan contestants Zakariya al-Zirak and Abdullah Al-Dughri came in third and fourth and won a prize of $266,500 and $186,594 respectively.

Otr Elkalam show is one of the initiatives of the Saudi General Entertainment Authority and the largest religious competition in the world.

This was the 16th episode of the show, which is the largest of its kind in the world in terms of the number of contestants, who numbered 50,000, and the prize pool totaling more than $3.3 million.

The international competition, which comes in strategic partnership with the Muslim World League, aims to show the vocal talents and capabilities of the reciters and muazzins based on the use of the rules of melody and the sensations that contribute to conveying the feeling and the state that the reciters want to communicate to the listeners.

The show is broadcast daily during the blessed month of Ramadan on MBC and the Shahid digital platform.

The episodes can also be viewed on the show’s YouTube channel via the link:

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