Internet users must beware of scams and fraud to prevent financial losses –Minister Fahmi

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KUALA LUMPUR: Communications and Digital Minister, Fahmi Fadzil urged all Malaysians especially Internet users to equip themselves with the knowledge and cyber safety information besides being alert and careful while using the technology and Internet.

Fahmi said, cyber crime victims should come forward and lodge a report as the information gathered will help the authority to analyse the criminal trend and plan for programmes to further curtail the cases.

“I hope the organisation of the National Anti-Scam Tour 2023 Programme, Sarawak Level, will help the people to be more aware of the roles that should be taken by all parties to help reduce the criminal scam rates and the amount of financial losses.

“Let us work together to embrace the cyber familiarity community by being more responsible Internet users, ethical, positive and thus forming the excellent Malaysian MADANI Cyber,” Fahmi said.

Fahmi said that in his speech when officiating the National Anti-Scam Tour 2023, Sarawak State Level, held at the Borneo Cultures Muzium Auditorium, Kuching Sarawak on Saturday.

Earlier he said, even though several measures have been taken but there is still no 100 per cent safety guarantee while using the technology and Internet. This is because the cyber criminals will also take the opportunity on the same technological development by increasing their knowledge and ability to launch threats and cyber attacks.

The minister added, it is not only organisation but individual users including educated and professional people have become victims to scammers and online frauds.

“The techniques and modus operandi used by scammers are also becoming advanced and well planned to the extent several government agencies such as the Inland Revenue Board (IRB), Malaysian Royal Police (MRP) and Central Bank of Malaysia (BNM) have also been affected and being victims to scammers’ criminal activities.

“Based on the reports received by the enforcement agency and the media coverage, the scam cases and online frauds happen almost every day. This means that the threats are still going on widely,” Fahmi said.

Fahmi added, the National Anti-Scam Tour 2023 Programme was launched as an initiative to continuously deliver information and instil awareness among Internet users on the scam criminals and online frauds.

According to Fahmi, the programme had been mooted by the Anti-Scam Joint Action (GBAS) with memberships from various government agencies, private organisations, industry players, non-governmental organisations (NGO) association and institutions of higher learning.

“The Tour is led by CyberSecurity Malaysia as an expert agency and technical cyber security, apart being an agency under the Ministry of Communications and Digital,” he said. –Malaysia World News





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