International Researchers meet at IIPC 2016

IUKL International Postgrad Colloquia 2016
( Left to right) Dr. Karthiyaini Devarajoo, Prof. Dr. Faridah Ibrahim , and the research paper presenters at IUKL International Postgrad Colloquia (IIPC 2016)

KUALA LUMPUR 27 JULY -The Centre for Postgraduate Studies (CPS) of Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur  for the first time since its establishment in 2006, has  organised an international colloquia with 41 research papers  presented by PhD and Master  students from local and international universities.

From 41 papers presented, 28 are from IUKL, 13 from local universities including UNITEN, UKM,UPM, MUST, UiTM, IIUM  and Institute of Youth Malaysia (IYRES) while University Marqab Libya  and Higher Institute Comprehensive Professions Terhana represent international education bodies.

The two day event, IUKL International Postgrad Colloquia (IIPC 2016) which started on 27 to 28 July was held with the aim to share knowledge and provide a platform for local and international post-graduate students researchers and scholars to meet and interact.

Prof. Dr. Roslan Zainal Abidin, President and Vice-Chancellor of IUKL officiating IUKL Colloquium 2016
Prof. Dr. Roslan Zainal Abidin, President and Vice-Chancellor of IUKL officiating IUKL Colloquium 2016

The President and Vice-Chancellor of IUKL, Prof. Dr. Roslan Zainal Abidin said, the main objectives of this  colloquia among others are to enable postgraduates from all universities to present their proposed research findings, give suggestions and interact  for future collaborations.

“This is only the beginning of such an international colloquia. IUKL hopes to organise such event once in every two years with more participants from local and international universities presenting and discussing their concepts, theories and research findings in their fields of interest.

“Over the past few years, CPS has made significant progress in becoming a major infrastructure research centre for disseminating research knowledge, providing effective advice and producing quality graduates,” he told  Malaysiaworldnews after officiating the event today.

Regarding its academic  and research achievements, Roslan said,  IUKL  is planning to participate in the QS World University Rankings in 2017 following the university’s ranking and recognition are now at par with other public universities such as University Malaya and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

IUKL International Postgrad Colloquia 2016
IUKL International Postgrad Colloquia 2016

Meanwhile, until today, 400 students have graduated from CPS IUKL, with the first batch of three PhD holders in 2015 ( two in engineering and one in business discipline).

Roslan also mentioned, currently on an average 200 students are pursuing their studies at CPS, with 70 percent  foreigners namely from Libya, China, Yemen, Sudan and Bangladesh.

According to Roslan, the Masters Programme in Business Administration is the most popular among foreign students besides Corporate Communication, Information Technology, Civil Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Built Environment, Masters of Science in Water Resources, and Masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Currently, IUKL is offering new programmes namely Master in Architecture and PhD in Education.- malaysiaworldnews  


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