International community should support the formation of free and independent state of Palestine -Minister Zambry


KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia urges the international community not to continue paying lip service to the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people and instead take real and decisive actions.

Foreign Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Zambry Abd. Kadir said the international community can no longer deny the fact that the only way to achieve peace and security in the region and solve the question of Palestine is to make every effort to support the establishment of a free and independent state of Palestine, in accordance with the two-state solution, based on pre-1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

“The illegal and inhumane occupation by Israel of Palestinian land must end. It is the only solution,” Zambry said at the Plenary Meeting on the Situation in the Middle East Including the Palestinian Question (items 34 and 35) in New York, United States of America today.

The Minister added it is important that the voice of the Palestinian people be heard, loud and clear, in charting their own future. Palestinians must be involved, front and center, in any discussion on the future governance of their nation. The wishes of the Palestinians must be at the core of the discussion.

Zambry also mentioned that importantly, the principles of justice and accountability must be upheld. All violations of international law must be properly investigated.

“There must not be impunity for those who commit war crimes. Impunity and double standards in applying international law only encourage further violations. The war in Gaza is a litmus test for the international community and this organization.

 “War crimes have been clearly and blatantly committed in this war. Failure to bring perpetrators of war crimes to justice will only confirm the perception of hypocrisy, selectivity, and double standards.

“It will further erode trust in the multilateral system, which would be disastrous in this time of numerous multifaceted global challenges,” he reiterated.

The Foreign Minister had also stressed that the implications of failure to uphold international law are undoubtedly far-reaching. Diminished trust in multilateral institutions paves the way for unilateral actions, for might over right, and for a world where the principles of international law become mere suggestions rather than binding norms.

“This is a dangerous path – one that can lead to more conflicts, suffering, and injustice,” he added

He also called on the international community to turn this dark moment in our history into an opportunity to revive our commitment to a fair and just world order, as called by the Secretary-General in his policy brief New Agenda for Peace.

“Let us work towards strengthening our multilateral institutions, ensuring they stand as beacons of fairness, justice, and equality. Only then can we hope to build a world where trust in our international systems is restored and where peace and justice are not just aspirational goals but tangible realities for all?

“We must not wait any longer. It is time to deliver to the Palestinians their equal and rightful place among us, the free nations of the world. It is time for a free and independent state of Palestine,” Zambry said.

Earlier he highlighted that the 2023 report of the UN the Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People and other Arabs of the Occupied Territories (SCIIP), of which Malaysia is a member, makes the following observations.

“As of August 2023, Israeli Forces had already killed more Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories this year, compared to any other year since 2005. As of September 2023, Israel was holding 1,264 Palestinians in administrative detention, the highest number in over a decade.

“Up until September this year, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) documented an average of three instances of settler violence a day in 2023, compared to an average of two per day in 2022 and one per day in 2021. This is the highest daily average of settler-related incidents affecting Palestinians since the UN started recording this data in 2006,” he said.

Zambry said those are just a few facts extracted from the report, denoting the extremely volatile situation in the occupied Palestinian territories, even before the horrendous events of October 7th 2023. – Malaysia World News


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