Injured for life never stop Malaysian soldiers to remain patriotic to the country

IMG 20191019 WA0005
Leutenant General Dato’ Seri Ackbal Abdul Samad from Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) presenting a special token to one of the injured soldier at Wisma Perkasa.

KUALA LUMPUR: Colonel Zulkifli Dato’Tahir, 59, from the Intelligence Branch, Royal Malay Regiment (RAMD) will remain patriotic to his country Malaysia even though he has been the victim of the booby trap in 1986 where he lost his right leg.

Even though physically, Zulkifli has lost his leg from the knee on 8th February 1986 but always been positive for what he has done to defend the country’s sovereignty.

“I am proud for what I have done for my children’s future and it is my right as acitizen to defend the sovereignty of Malaysia,” he said to the media after receiving a special token from the Chief of Malaysian Armed Forces,(MAF) General Tan Sri Zulkifli Zainal Abidin at Dewan Perkasa, Wisma Perwira, MAF here on Friday (18th October).

IMG 20191019 WA0003
Zulkifli (right) giving special token to one of the injured soldiers at Wisna Perkasa on October 11(Friday).

Colonel Zulkifli was injured in the Tak Sin 8601 Operation at the border of Malaysia and Thailand to combat the Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) that had been seeking protection in Thailand. It was a joint Malaysia-Thailand military operation.

Zulkifli was then a Junior Lieutenant aged 26, just married a few days before heleft to lead a team of 11 men in the operation. Zulkifli has six children now and his wife, Norazian Abdul Rahman a school teacher had to resign to take care of him in the Penang Hospital for almost two months in 1986.

IMG 20191019 WA0008
Colonel Zulkifli Dato’ Tahir (right) with Staff Sergeant, Zabaruddin Harun after receiving special tokens at Wisma Perkasa MAF, Kuala Lumpur on Friday (October 18th).

At the event there were 50 others injured with six (6) of them still in service while nine (9) had retired and they too received special tokens from the respective Chiefs in MAF here yesterday.According to General Zulkifli Zainal Abidin, there are 562 injured soldiers in the country with 44 still in service while 518 have retired.

In his speech, General Zulkifli thanked the Armed Forces Welfare Fund (TKAT) in helping every military staff who had been injured at the headquartersor the formation base level.

Meanwhile, Staff Sergeant, Zabaruddin Harun, 71, never felt frustrated or sad for what he had experienced and suffered when he was working with the Malaysian Army in 1970.

Zabaruddin was an army without rank when he was injured seriously in the body and stomach due to a gun shot from the enemy at Ops Lada Pedas, Sungai Nawah, Sibu Sarawak on December 10th 1970.

For the gun shot he had to go for various operations and had 131 stitches all over his body and stomach.

“I never felt sad for what had happened to me because I really wanted to be a soldier to defend the country. I had tried three times but failed as I only completed my studies until primary six. I had to compete with candidates with Lower Certificate of Education (LCE).

“I wanted to have a job and a family besides defending the sovereignty of the country .I joined the RAMD to meet my dreams,” said Zabaruddin who becomes a successful businessman in Bangi, Selangor today.

Precisely, we could say that the sacrifices of the Malaysian soldiers cannot be taken lightly as they did not only leave their beloved families back home to perform their duties but some have been injured seriously and died in the cause of defending the sovereignty of the country.

Irresponsible statement like Malaysian soldiers are only good for “eating and sleeping” should not be raised at all as without them protecting the surrounding seas and borders from the enemies, the people will not be able to live in peace and harmony at all times- Malaysia World News (MW

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