Infrastructure projects approved to generate business and job opportunities for Malaysian Family–PM Ismail

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PUTRAJAYA MAR: The government has agreed to implement three projects namely the Mass Rapid Transit 3 (MRT3) , improves the implementation of the Sabah-Sarawak Pan Borneo Highway and flood barriers.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, the decision was made at the Cabinet Ministers’Meeting today (Friday) with priority given to local Bumiputera contractors to generate business and job opportunities for the Malaysian Family.

Ismail added, these projects will lead to the economic growth and development specially to fulfil the government’s objective to empower the business sector and create 600,000 jobs this year.

“The approval of the implementation of MRT3 project is to complete the existing public transport infrastructure in the Klang Valley by providing an integrated service, affordable and efficient for the Malaysian Family,” Ismail said in a statement here today.

Regarding the Pan Borneo Highway,(PBH) Ismail said the first phase of the PBH is being implemented actively involving 15 packages with the work progress reaching 52 per cent and expected to be completed in October 2024.

The Prime Minister added, to improve the road circle for the Malaysian Family in Sabah, the government has agreed to continue the implementation of 19 additional work packages that will involve 367 kilometres of roads with the building period of five years.

“The first phase of Sarawak PBH will involve 786 kilometres and the work progress has reached 78 per cent. To complete the Sarawak PBH, the government has agreed to implement the Sabah-Sarawak Link Road (SSLR) and Trans Borneo Highway Project (TBH),” Ismail added.

Relating to the flood barrier project, Ismail said, the government is currently preparing a development provision of RM1 billion a year under the 12th Malaysia Plan (12th MP).

Ismail said, considering the serious North East Monson 2021/2022 that has resulted in the loss of lives and destruction of properties, the Cabinet Ministers have decided to increase and start the flood barrier projects immediately with the additional expenses amounting RM15 billion for the period 2023 until 2030.

“The decisions to implement these projects reflect the government’s concerns to provide various job opportunities for the Malaysian Family and strengthens the national economic recovery momentum,” Ismail said. –Malaysia World News

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