Indonesian teacher sentenced to death for raping 13 teenage students, impregnating 9 of them

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Herry sitting on a chair in the court. AFP/Getty

A court in Bandung, West Java in Indonesia has sentenced a teacher to death for raping 13 students between 12 and 16 years of age at a local school.

Herry Wirawan, 36, sexually assaulted the teenage girls from 2016 till 2021 and impregnated at least nine of them.

Nine babies were born from the rapes, reported Vice news.

“[We] hereby punish the defendant with the death penalty,” a statement said on the court’s website on Monday.

According to the court, the teacher sexually assaulted the students in many places at school and in an apartment.

The case, which caused uproar in Indonesia, was exposed last year after one of the victim’ s parent reported to the police.

Herry kept the victims quiet by luring them with promises to marry and support them financially.


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