In Australia, I am more free to be a transwoman, says Nur Sajat

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PETALING JAYA: Entrepreneur, Nur Sajat alleged she had fleed Malaysia after having been oppressed by the public and abused by Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) officers.

In an interview with BBC News international media, she insisted that she would not return to Malaysia.

“I don’t think I will return to Malaysia because there is no peace there. When I am here (Australia), I am more free to be a transwoman, “she said.

Sajat also shared with BBC her story of being hunted by the authorities for wearing a headscarf and wearing a woman’s dress.

“I was treated badly, beaten and handcuffed despite my cooperation. Offenses can be discussed, not by force.

“Maybe they see me as a transwoman, they don’t care. When I perform umrah or hold a thanksgiving ceremony, it is to respect my religion, ”she said.

Sajat added that she also has the feelings and right to love Islam in his own way as a Muslim and transgender.

“As transgender women, we also have feelings and deserve to enjoy life like other normal individuals.

“I believe as a Muslim, I have the right to express my religion in my own way,” she claimed.

Earlier, Sajat said she had plans to open a business in Australia and would not return home. 

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