Illegal African Migrant found in woman suitcase

illegal migrant
Illegal African Migrant found in woman suitcase- pic EPA

A young African man was found hidden in a suitcase of a Moroccan woman at the custom trolley, BBC reported on Monday.

A 22-year-old Moroccan woman had tried to smuggle him from Morocco to Spain, but customs officers found him folded inside her suitcase when they opened the case.

A similar incident happened a couple of weeks ago. An eight-year-old boy has been smuggled into Spain from Morocco inside a suitcase, the Spanish newspaper El Pais reported.

The boy, named Abou, from Ivory Coast, was found inside the case, while trying to cross the border of Morocco to  Ceuta, a Spanish enclave near Morocco, with hopes to join his father who lives in the Canary Islands, El Pais said.

The boy was in a “terrible state”, a spokesman for the Guardia Civil told AFP.

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