If you want to do sodomy, do it but in England, not in Malaysia – PM Dr Mahathir

dr mahathir oxford london

Oxford, London: Malaysia Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir stands firm against sodomy and reiterates it is a serious crime in Malaysia.

“In our society, it is wrong (a crime). If you want to do (it) yourself, go ahead but in England, not Malaysia.”

He said this in response to a question after having delivered a speech at Oxford Union Society, London, on Friday.
Dr Mahathir also insists that he had nothing to do with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim`s conviction of sodomy in 1998.

 “I followed the rule of law. That thing (conviction) was decided by the courts, not me. Even if I tell you the truth, you will not believe it.

“He (Anwar) had nine months of trial and brought in a number of witnesses. All kinds of things were shown in the court – what else do you ask for?” he said when he was asked if he had subverted justice with regard to the sodomy case against Anwar, the then deputy prime minister.

“But now I am a good friend of his because we considered getting rid of (Datuk Seri) Najib (Tun Razak) as prime minister far more important than something which had happened in the past,” he added.

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