IESB becomes employer of choice after receiving the “Best Employer Award 2017”

Zarina Daud (centre) showing the “Best Employer Award 2017” certificate that they received from EPF with Aggie Lai (second left), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Christiantine Della of IUKL and two Human Resources Executives, at Protasco Berhad Office, Kajang.

KUALA LUMPUR: Ikram Education Sdn. Bhd. (IESB) has emerged as the employer of choice after being selected as one of the 27 companies in Selangor to receive “The Best Employer Award 2017” from the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) recently.

General Manager Human Resources, Protasco  Berhad, Zarina Daud said, the award has enabled IESB, as one of the subsidiary companies in the Group to attract and get the right talents to work with Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) that it owns and manages.

“The award has become part of the employer’s branding as IUKL is the only university in Selangor that receives the award this year,” she said to Malaysia World News (MWN) recently.

She added, IESB is among the 27 out of 157,000 employers in Selangor that have been selected by EPF Kajang Branch, Selangor to receive the award this year.

According to Zarina, she was taken by surprise when she received a letter from EPF, Kajang Branch that IESB had been selected to receive the award after the Board of Recognition for the Best Employers Award 2017 made an evaluation study on the company.  

“The company did not get any call or clue about the award before we received the letter,” she said.

“Winning the award is one of our selling points where IUKL offers Human Resource Management as a specialisation subject in Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and as a subject in Bachelor in Business Administration (Honours) under the Faculty of Business and Accounting,” said Zarina.

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The appreciation certificate from EPF to Ikram Education Sdn. Bhd. for being the recipient of the Best Employer Award 2017.

The EPF, Kajang Branch had granted the award to IESB for its excellent job in submitting workers’ EPF contributions on time.

Zarina added, according to EPF, the criteria for winning the award includes, workers’ EPF contributions should be paid much earlier than the 15th day of every month, no complaint received from the staff and no penalty for late payment from EPF.

Amongst the award recipients are Meditop Corporation; Rentokil Sdn. Bhd.; Habib Jewel Franchise and Hong Leong Assurance. They are selected from seven districts in Selangor. 

Zarina who is considered as the “keeper of efficient administration” in Protasco Berhad said, the award is good for the Group and she hopes other subsidiary companies will receive the award next year.

 As for IESB she said, they will try to maintain and improve their performance apart from sharing experiences and knowledge with others in Protasco Group.

Zarina also acknowledges the good work of the Human Resources Manager, Aggie Lai Rhenmay and two other executives, Rozita Mohd Jalil and Siti Molesha Mohd Yusoff under her who are efficient in handling the monthly workers’ EPF contributions.

“The consistent good work showed by Aggie and her two executives are the secrets of the company to receive the award this year,” she said.

Sending staffs to attend special courses and trainings related to their work scope at least twice a year has become one of the Key Performance Index (KPI) of the Human Resources Division, said Zarina.

However the budget allocated by the company will determine the types of courses and training sessions that will be attended by the staffs.

“Staffs have been sent to attend the Employment Act Seminar conducted by the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) as well as communication skill courses to enhance their efficiency in dealing with workers’ problems.

“After returning from any course, the staffs are required to share knowledge with their colleagues. The sharing sessions are done at least four times a year,” said Zarina.

Besides attending courses that were organised by the Labour Department under the Ministry of Human Resources, the Human Resources staffs were also sent to the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia to deepen their knowledge about income tax. _Malaysia World News

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