IDM to take strict actions on employers who abuse, torture or manipulate foreign workers

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KUALA LUMPUR: The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration Department of Malaysia (IDM) are committed and will not compromise with employers who abuse, torture or manipulate foreign workers.

IDM Director General, Datuk Ruslin Jusoh said, the department was referring to several news report published on 12th Nov.2023 that had been highlighted by the Indonesia Ambassador to Malaysia, Datuk Indera Hermono concerning abuses on foreign maids (PRA).

“The ambassador had issued statements highlighting on Indonesian maids that need immediate and total solutions from the employers and strict monitoring from the authorities.

“IDM will take strict actions on any employer who has breached the law besides terms and conditions of employing foreign maids.

“Employers will be charged in the court if they commit an offence under Immigration Act 1959/63 and will be blacklisted from employing foreign maids,” Ruslin said.

Ruslin added, the department would like to clarify that 447,094 foreign maids have been issued with Temporary Working Visit Passes (PLKS) until 16th Oct.2023 and out of which 57,916 are from Indonesia.

“IDM did not receive any formal report from the Republic of Indonesia Ambassador (KBRI) for investigation and further action. The department urges KBRI to forward a specific complaint to IDM to enable further investigation and action could be implemented.

“This department is always cooperating with the related agencies such as the Department of Labour, Peninsular Malaysia (JTKSM), Anti – Human Trafficking Council (MAPO), Royal Police Malaysia (PDRM) and Human Rights Commission Malaysia (SUHAKAM) to address the issue on the exploitation of foreign maids from Indonesia in Malaysia.

“Besides that the welfare and protection of Indonesian domestic workers is one of the issues that has been inserted in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOA) between the government of Malaysia and Indonesia on Employment and Domestic Indonesian Workers’ Protection in Malaysia,” said Ruslin in a statement.

“IDM would like to urge members of the public to channel to the department any information about employers who abuse or exploit foreign workers so that stern action could be taken on them,” Ruslin reiterated. – Malaysia World News


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