“I have no reason not to trust Dr. Mahathir” – Anwar Ibrahim

anwar ibrahim interview aljazeera
Anwar having an interview with Al Jazeera on Thursday (May 18).

In a video interview with 101 East, Al Jazeera, the PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, who has recently released from prison, said that he has “no reason not to trust”  Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

Asked how Anwar could trust a man who has sacked, jailed and called him “morally unfit to govern”, Anwar replied: “That was 20 years ago. Things have passed and there are some considerations to protect, to save the country from endemic corruption. He (Mahathir) came and sought some sort of reconciliation to make amends. I am a Muslim, as a human being I take it in a positive light.”

Anwar also added that it was a very painful decision to accept. But he conceded that Dr.Mahathir, who is now the Prime Minister of Malaysia, has proven to be determined and courageous in saving the country. 

“Dr. Mahathir has also proven his mettle. He was consistent and has called for my release. He has facilitated the process of release, which of course people say it is just technical. It`s true but he did facilitate.

“So, I think I have no reason not to trust Dr. Mahathir,” Anwar told Aljazeera.

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