I am the most fortunate to pursue my studies in LJMU, UK, says a graduate from YPC

Going abroad to study in the United Kingdom (UK) has been the dream of many Malaysian students, but due to financial constraints and not having the required international qualification many students are unable to make their dreams come true.

However, YPC International College has a way around this obstacle by providing its students the right qualification that enables them to pursue their studies abroad at any top universities in the world such as Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) in UK.

YPC students can pursue their final year at LJMU, UK as YPC is one of the main partners of LJMU. YPC and its partner LJMU are collaborating with each other since 2005 to provide world class education and international qualifications to their students.

Through the collaboration, the higher education fees and other requirements could be reduced. This could help Malaysian students to solve their financial constraints.

YPC International College Malaysia provides an advanced transnational education with an advanced standing structure for students to continue their studies at LJMU, UK at a much reduced costs.

Malaysia World News (MWN) has recently had an exclusive interview (see video above) with 4 Malaysian students from YPC International College who are going to pursue their studies in Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU).  How did they manage to get a place in LJMU, a university that is ranked top 5% in the world according to Times Higher Education World Ranking? And how do they feel going to pursue their studies in UK?

The students were: Brandon – a Bachelor Degree in Business Management graduate; Sabreenah – studying Bachelor Degree in Multimedia Computing; Asyraf – studying Bachelor Degree in Business Management; and Risshiganesh – studying Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Finance.

Among the advantages of this programme are: Students can achieve their dreams like experiencing life as a student abroad in not only one but two countries,explore other cultures, build networks, develop their communication skills, widen their knowledge about the world, become global citizens, besides obtaining a highly international qualification and globally recognized certificates.

In the interview with MWN, Brandon, who has been granted a full LJMU Vice Chancellor scholarship and is going to pursue his Master Degree in UK, expressed his gratitude to YPC that guided him throughout his education journey.

“I think I am the most fortunate guy in the planet to get a scholarship and pursuing my Master Degree in Liverpool.

“I have never expected that I would get the scholarship. I feel that it is impossible to get a scholarship because there are so many good students in YPC.

“The Master Programme at LJMU, UK will add a lot of value to my career development,” he said.

Sabreenah, 21, who is studying Bachelor Degree in Multimedia Computing at YPC and will be pursuing her final year in LJMU, UK also expressed her gratitude to YPC International College Malaysia for offering her a big opportunity to pursue her final year studies at LJMU, UK.

“It is through YPC that we are going to LJMU, UK. This will give us more knowledge, learn the people’s lifestyles as well as the culture there,” she said.

She also thanked the YPC lecturers who helped her studies all the way at YPC.

“The experiences I have had here in YPC were wonderful and amazing as the lecturers were very helpful in providing all the resources we wanted,” she added.

Risshiganesh, who is also pursuing his final year at LJMU, said that his personality and character has changed a lot throughout the past three years he spent in YPC International College.

“When I started my foundation studies here I used to be nervous, quiet and `anti-social`.”

“Along the way, studying in YPC has made me who I am today. I did not expect much change to happen in me.

“Because of the years’ experience pursuing my foundation studies and degree, I can now say that I am a very confident person,” he told MWN.

He also believes that his life will improve more when he goes to Liverpool John Moores University, UK.

“I will improve a lot, because in Liverpool, I will meet people with diverse cultures, interests and values. I will learn from them new values and principles in life,” he added.

Asyraf, 22, who is also pursuing his final year in UK, commented that  “it is not that easy to go to study abroad unless the requirements are met.”

However, he added, as a student of YPC, he finds it quite easy because of the collaboration between YPC and LJMU.

“I feel I have the privilege to go to LJMU, UK and thank God I have all the documents needed,” he said.

-Malaysia World News.

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