Humanitarian Aid Mission to Gaza: PM’s Dept handed medical products, cash RM100, 000 to MAPIM, GPM



KUALA LUMPUR: As a prove of the Malaysians’ solidarity to the people of Gaza Palestine, the Prime Minister’s Department (PM’s Dept. Religious Affairs) presented aid in the form of products to the Global Peace Mission (GPM).

 The Prime Minister’s Department in a statement said, the Minister Senator Datuk Setia Dr. Mohd. Na’im Mokhtar visited the Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organisation (MAPIM) Gudang, Bandar Serenia, Sepang Selangor today to give his moral support to the workers and volunteers.

The statement added the MAPIM Gudang is a center for collecting products to be sent to the Humanitarian Aid Mission to Gaza, Palestine.

The products that have been presented to the GPM include:- YaPEIM – five units of generator, 56 sets of disposable pampers (RM10,000); JAWI -70 sets totto, 50 sets of disposable pampers (adults), 60 sets of disposable pampers for children (RM7,250); JAKIM/MAIWP/Yayasan Taqwa-364 totto sets (RM16,380).

“The PM’s Department (Religious Affairs) through the agency Tabung Haji has contributed cash money of RM100,000 to MAPIM. The contribution is for the health equipment and medicines for the people of Gaza Palestine,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, the PM’s Department (Religious Affairs) urges the Muslims to continue giving aid, praying, and performing “doa” for the safety and happiness of Muslim brothers and sisters in Gaza Palestine. – Malaysia World News  



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