Human trafficking situation improves in Malaysia as stated in United States Department of State Report

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PUTRAJAYA: The human trafficking situation for 2023 in Malaysia had been improved and subsequently raised to Tier 2 Watch List as stated in the United States Department of State Report (JNAS) that was announced on 15th June in Washington DC. 

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) in a statement said, it appreciates the positive development in Malaysia that has seen improvement including the increase in the number of investigations, prosecutions and convictions and prosecution against civil servants, increase in number of victims, implementation of efforts to increase the awareness in palm oil sectors, increase in trainings and increase in protection services and support for the victims of human trafficking.  

According to MOHA, the report had outlined 15 improvements and action plans that could be implemented in Malaysia for evaluation starting 1st April 2023 until 31st March 2024. Among them include the increase in the identification of victims in the vulnerable groups, domestic workers, workers in oil palm estates and rubber glove factories.

The statement added, the report also proposes that focus should be given to the human trafficking that involves civil servants and cooperation between agencies should be improved.

“In this context, the Human Anti-Trafficking and Anti-Migrant Smuggling Council (MAPO) that is led by MOHA with ministries and government agencies will always take strategic and stern action as a response to the findings of the report and indirectly combating the human trafficking crime in Malaysia,” MOHA said in its statement.

The statement said, to increase the skills of enforcement agencies is among the implementation done nationwide in identifying victims of human trafficking via Roll Out National Guideline  on the Human Trafficking Indicator (NGHTI 2.0) that has been launched on 22 March 2023. 

“MOHA and MAPO will continue to empower synergy and close cooperation with the non-governmental organisation (NGO) MADANI society association (CSO), international association, foreign diplomatic representative, academician and employer in ensuring this issue is handled holistically via the whole-of-nation approach without compromising on the safety and sovereignty of the nation,” the statement reiterated.

 Meanwhile, the employers have big responsibilities to ensure the rights and workers’ welfare are being protected from forced labour and human trafficking. On the other hand, MOHA and MAPO are committed to uphold the Malaysia MADANI principles in protecting the rights of human trafficking victims and ensuring stern actions will be taken on any parties involved directly or conspiring in this crime to be taken to justice based on the existing legal provisions. –Malaysia World News





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