Qatar, UMP (Malaysia) signed agreement to work together to solve the agriculture and food shortage problems in the Middle East

pahang university malaysia and agrico

University Malaysia Pahang (UMP) and Qatar-based agricultural development company Agrico signed yesterday a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the development of organic fertilizers and finding a solution to solve water and food shortage in Qatar and the Middle East.

Both parties will share expertise in research to meet this goal which they described as strategic and will contribute to meeting the needs of global markets.

Through this agreement, Qatar Agrico will take advantage of the scientific research centers and expertise provided by the University Malaysia Pahang to develop organic fertilizers and finding a solution to solve water and food shortage.

Agrico will also take advantage of the organic agricultural resources which are abundant in Malaysia due to its tropical nature.

UMP Vice-Chancellor Prof Ir Dr Wan Azhar Wan Yusoff said the university would work to develop calcium nitrate and monopotassium phosphate with a prebiotic boost for Agrico greenhouses.

“The strategic partnership with Agrico will benefit UMP in sharing its expertise to meet the needs of the global industry in the future.

“UMP will work with Agrico on research, product development, commercialization and exchange of expertise in agriculture.

“We are interested in promoting modern agricultural technology with Agrico,” he told reporters after the signing of the MoU.

Present at the signing ceremony were also Qatar Ambassador to Malaysia, Fahad Mohammed Kafoud, Agrico’s Chairman, International Project Development, Qatar, Ahmed Husain Al-Khalaf, Director-General of the Center for Governance, Integrity and National Anti-Corruption under the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed, and UMP Board Chairman Datuk Seri Ibrahim Ahmad.

The cooperation between Qatar and Malaysia in the field of agricultural technology is hoped to create sustainable, consistent and quality food production for both countries.

The head of the Qatari company, Ahmed Hussein Al-Khalaf, said that the agreement provides a valuable opportunity for Qatar and Malaysia to become one of the very few countries, including the United States and Spain, which produces fluid organic fertilizers.

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