Future war requires future defence capabilities, says Mohamad Sabu

Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu with Iranian president
Mohamad Sabu, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019

KUALA LUMPUR: The future war which is more towards hybrid warfare will employ conventional military force supported by irregular and cyber warfare tactics.

Defence Minister, Mohamad Sabu  said, in fighting the hybrid warfare the Cyber Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA), should be strengthened and, re-purpose the current force to increase preparedness against malicious cyber threats.

“A new Cyber Electromagnetic Command, Combat Management System Software and Systems Integration , Coastal Radar Surveillance, transfer of technology in the field of integrated circuit design are among others to be formed,” said Mohamad in the Plenary Session on “Advance High Tech Focusing on Defence” at KL Summit 2019 here on Friday Dec.20.

The minister added: “We must embrace the advancement of technologies that goes along with the Industrial Revolution 4.0 such as Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.

“Future war requires future defence capabilities that include unmanned and autonomous air, space and land systems. We must be

Mohamad Sabu at kl summit 2019

 ahead in the C4ISRT-command, control, communication, computers, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting in defending peace and security.”

Mohamad Sabu also said that many Muslim countries are importers of defence equipment but now they are determined and are on the pursuit of defence self-reliance.

Regarding to defence self reliance, Mohamad said: “We all know that the scientific and technological competence of a country strongly contributes to its defence capability and economic power.

Mohamad said,the KL Summit is the best platform for everybody to explore further the possibility of collaboration among each other in developing a more comprehensive method in revitalising defence and security based on Islamic principles.

“I hope Malaysia could benefit from the Summit and the transfer of technologies that have been agreed upon as well as in other areas that we are willing to share which I deem as necessary especially for the development of the Ummah now and for the generations to come,” he added.-Malaysia World News

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