Mrs India International Queen: An excellent platform for women to empower themselves and achieve their dreams

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Today we had an exclusive interview with Mrs India 2017, Ankita Saroha who is also the founder and director of Mrs India International Queen. She shared with us her experience, thoughts, lifestyle, and how she was inspired to create a unique platform for women to showcase their talents, empower themselves and achieve their dreams.

“Mrs India International Queen is the biggest beauty pageant for married ladies across the globe.

“The main objectives of this beauty pageant are to empower women and promote Indian culture,” she said.

Ankita had also represented India in Malaysia at Mrs International Global 2018 and won as 3rd runner up.

The engineer and a successful businesswoman did not stop there. She strives to empower and inspire many other pretty ladies there via her beauty pageant, Mrs India International Queen, under the Motto `Be Strong, Be Confident, Be You!`

 “If you want to be successful in your life, you have to be strong, you have to be confident and you must believe in yourself.

“All women are beautiful and unique in every way. There are no limitations for age, weight and height,” she said.

Mrs India International Queen is divided into two categories: Mrs and Classic Mrs Category. Entry age to Mrs Category is between 21 to 34 years, while 35 years and above can participate in Classic Mrs Category. In both the categories, the winners will get the crown, sash and prize money of 1 Lac INR, 1st Runner Up will get the prize money of 50k INR & 2nd Runner Up will get the prize money of 25K INR.

What makes this pageant unique and better than others?

Mrs India International Queen is definitely a unique and different beauty pageant from others. This is the most genuine and fair platform for the ladies and we strongly believe in empowering women, the founder said.

This pageant journey will give the recognition and identity to all participants in the show.

The contestants will be given the opportunity to showcase their talent in different rounds like talent, introduction, interview, traditional wear, evening wear etc. They will also be trained and groomed by the experts. All the contestants will get the amazing photographs.

“We will make sure that the world knows our contestants, sponsors and everybody associated with us and the contestants will get the various opportunities after the show like fashion walks, shoots, acting, music albums etc,” the founder added.

International Queen title, inspiration

 “Queens are strong, beautiful, talented women whose inner beauty shines brighter than just the skin”.

 “To be a Queen, you first have to feel like a Queen, from the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you present yourself.

“A Queen empowers everyone around her and Mrs India International Queen is a beauty pageant by the Queen and for Queens,”  Ankita said.

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The participating contestants will be from different countries.

The whole idea of Mrs India International Queen is to inspire ladies to be positive, to believe in self-love, believe in their strengths so that they can achieve great heights and success, and they can be recognized globally.   

Why married ladies only?

Mrs India International Queen is for married ladies because most of the ladies after marriage forget to live for themselves; they get really busy in taking care of the responsibilities of the family.

“We believe that women have lot of potential beyond the limits of their imaginations, all they need is to believe in themselves and work hard to achieve their goals.

“We also believe that their talent needs to be recognised by the world and they need to have their own identity. This platform gives them a beautiful experience of their lifetime where they meet and compete with the contestants from different countries by showcasing their talent. They will be groomed by the experts.

This journey will boost their self -confidence, make them more poised and presentable, help them discover their strengths, and make them more optimistic and focused. This is a journey for overall personality development which plays a major role in everyone’s life to help them achieve success. So definitely, this journey helps married ladies to get recognition & identity among the world.

When will the Press Conference and the Final?

Mrs India International Queen will organise the Press Conference on 12th Jan 2020 in Delhi, India.

The Grand Finale will be at Delhi, India on 10th-11th-12th April 2020. The event will by graced by Bollywood Actor & BigBoss Fame Mr. Upen Patel from UK, Ms Armi Oliver Farinas from USA, Dr. Zahida Johal from UK and many more. The event will be covered exclusively by print, digital and social media in India and abroad.

International media, Bollywood celebrity judge, international jury members, international choreographer, international photographers will be also present at the show.

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