YPC (Malaysia), LJMU (UK) Cultural and Study Tour: A unique knowledge-sharing and cultural exchange experience

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LJMU students meeting YPC students at the cultural day event.

Kuala Lumpur: YPC International College Malaysia has recently hosted another batch of British students from its partner institute Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) United Kingdom (UK) from 3rd to 9th November 2019, in conjunction with the `UK-Malaysia Cultural and Study Tour Programme.

The UK-Malaysia Cultural and Study Tour Programme provides a unique, excellent knowledge-sharing and cultural exchange experience. The programme allows students to experience a short-term going abroad and gain an international perspective. More interestingly, it encourages and energizes students’ mobility and internationalization.

The British institute LJMU which has been YPC’s partner since 2010 is a public research university in the city of Liverpool, England. It has more than 24,000 students from over 100 countries worldwide, making it one of the largest universities in the world. LJMU was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize in 2005.

Through this visit to Malaysia and YPC International College, the UK Students had a great opportunity to explore different cultures, widen their understanding of the world and ways of life, improve their personal development such as confidence, self-esteem, and develop their social, engagement and leadership skills.

YPC International College (Malaysia) has become popular for hosting mobility students from the UK through the UK-Malaysia Cultural and Study Tour Programme which drives the internationalization of higher education.

Liverpool John Moores University, UK sees Malaysia as a good partner for mobility programme due to the country`s cultural diversity and quality education system.

YPC International College Principal Datuk Dr Noel Robert said this students’ mobility programme benefits both the international and the local students as it is an opportunity for them to get together, exchange ideas and views about their study, and learn about each other culture and lifestyle.

“This is a wonderful learning experience, not just for the UK students but also for our local students from YPC. Students who would like to know the study life in the UK could engage and build a network with the UK students, know the subjects that they study and the learning materials they utilize which are totally similar to that of YPC.

“In YPC, we teach the same subjects as in LJMU, UK. The only difference is the location,” Dr Noel said in his welcoming speech at the Cultural Day event which was held at YPC function hall (on Monday, November 4).

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YPC has started the UK-Malaysia Cultural and Study Tour Programme since 2018 where UK students visit the college, engage with its local students in team projects and attend shows and workshops.

In this 7-day visit to the multi-cultural Malaysia and YPC International College, the foreign students from the UK had been exposed to different cultures (Malay, Indian and Chinese) and gained a wider understanding of different ways of life here.

According to YPC Head of Academic, Dr Farrah Robert, the UK-Malaysia Cultural and Study Tour programme not only constitutes an effective part of outside the classroom education, but it helps in the sharing of the best practice, as well as enhancing the partnership between Liverpool John Moores University and YPC International College, and between the UK and Malaysia.

“This tour programme offers students a unique learning experience beyond the classroom. During the visit, LJMU students were able to study, work as a team alongside and engage with Malaysian students at YPC, which provided valuable opportunities to foster synergies, interaction and cooperation between UK students and Malaysian students.

“Both students and the two partner institutes (YPC and LJMU) benefit tremendously from this interaction,” she said.

Besides enhancing the quality of teaching provision, the UK-Malaysia Cultural and Study Tour would strengthen the partnership between YPC and LJMU, and between Malaysia and the UK.

“This trip demonstrates how two campuses can work together in a creative and harmonious way for the enhancement of student experience,” Dr Farrah added.

Jake Nicholls, one of the students from LJMU, UK said: “I really enjoyed Malaysia food,  engaging with Malaysian people, getting involved in the culture, and exploring interesting places in Malaysia”.

Libby Bradley, another student in the group, also commented: “This visit to Malaysia and YPC had given us great exposure. We had explored a completely different environment and different things such as Malaysian culture, language, people’s thinking, and businesses.”

Besides cultural and sightseeing activities, students participated in community engagement and live business projects which led to a final business presentation.


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