Who to vote for, the `corrupt` or the `dumb`? Tanjung Piai by-election

Tanjung Piai parliamentary by election

Tanjung Piai by-election: Many voters have already made up their mind and they know well who they will vote for when they go to the polls today (Saturday, Nov 16).

Neither the colourful pamphlets that campaigners distribute to them, nor do the ceramahs` talk talk, nor do bribes make them change their minds or perception about certain political parties and politicians.

However, even at the last hour of voting, many out there are still confused who to vote for. Some of them seem to have lost confidence in both contestants, the ruling party Pakatan Harapan (PH) and the opposition party Barisan National together with its new partner, the Islamic Party (PAS).

“I do not know who I shall vote for.
“Shall I vote for the (alleged) “corrupt’ party or for the ‘dumb’ party? ” A voter who declined to tell his name and job told Malaysia World News (MWN) this morning.

He was referring to BN as a corrupt party and PH as a dumb (unintelligent) party due to what he hears from the campaigners and news, he said.

57% of the voters in this small town are Malays, 42% Chinese and 1% Indians. The community here lives mainly on agriculture, oil palm, fishing, and small businesses.

Another voter, who is a woman, 45, self employed, also said she does not have any high regard on both parties. For her, both parties’ leaders and members do not deserve her voice.

“Those who we expected to save us and save our country (Malaysia) are the ones who are destroying us and our country today,

“We are facing the worst hard time now, our voices not heard, we are being bullied, we are losing hope to stay here,” she said.

For some voters, this is the best time to give the current government or the ousted government a lesson.

“We cannot freely demonstrate in the streets to topple a bad leader, but we can do that through the polls if we have impartial (fair and just) elections, of course.

“Even though this is not the general election – it is only a by-election in a small constituency – our voices will send good signals to the bad party,” said Wei Hoon, 35.

PH took over Putrajaya after defeating BN in the general election on 9th May 2018. It was a historical victory for PH and all Malaysians to oust BN government that ruled the country for over 6 decades, since Malaysia independence.

In May 9, millions of Malaysians voted for PH who promised to restore the country`s economy, jail the corrupt leaders, abolish tolls and amend the constitution for the well-being and betterment of the people`s life.

“Unfortunately, nothing has changed much till today, no corrupt was jailed yet, economy is still down, our education getting worst, our rights are being taken by hidden ghosts and evils,” Mahmud, a bankrupted businessman who still struggling to revive back his company and business told the International news portal,  MWN.

Tanjung Piai parliamentary by election Pas islamic party member holding bn placard
A member of the Islamic Party Pas campaigning for BN to win

Pakatan Harapan (PH) has recently lost three by-elections, in Cameron Highlands, Semenyih and Rantau, since they won the 2018 general election.

Commentators said,  they lost the three by-elections because they did not know how to manage the country well, and due to people`s complaints and dissatisfaction.

It would be a disaster for PH if they lost today by-elections in Tanjung Piai too. This would mean a lot for PH. It might be an indication and sign that the rakyat no longer supports PH.

The Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir and all other PH ministers and their supporters have being working hard these last couple of days in urging people to vote for PH and do not vote for BN that they had (allegedly) stolen billions of money from the public funds when they were in power.

Former Prime Minister Najib Razak, his wife and deputy are all accused of corruption and money laundering. They have being brought to court and they are now standing trials.

But for many voters, “a man is innocent until proven guilty”. All those who are being accused of corruption have not yet been proven guilty, not jailed yet.

” PH should not bank their bid to win this by-elections based on such accusations alone.

“They have to work hard also, show their talents in creating more jobs and more opportunities for the citizens especially the graduates and the entrepreneurs, improve the education system, and fulfill their election promises” said a political analyst.

The by-election took place after the death of Pakatan Harapan MP Datuk Dr Md Farid Md Rafik on Sept 21.

Six candidates are now competing for the parliamentary seat in this by-election. They are Wee from Barisan Nasional, Karmaine Sardini (Pakatan), Datuk Dr Badrulhisham Abdul Aziz (Berjasa), Wendy Subramaniam (Gerakan) and independents Faridah Aryani Abdul Ghaffar and Dr Ang Chuan Lock. – Malaysia World News (mwn)

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