How to distinguish between cold and corona ” Omicron”?


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The symptoms of “Omicron” mutant are so similar to those of the common cold that it makes it difficult to distinguish between them, according to researchers.

How can you be sure that you have a cold and not corona ” Omicron”?

The British newspaper “Mirror” reported, many researchers say that the symptoms of the “Omicron” strain of coronavirus appear to be completely different from previous strains.

Reports show that Omicron has five symptoms of its own: a rough throat (as opposed to a sore throat), a dry cough, extreme tiredness, mild muscle aches, and night sweats.

According to the British Health Authority website, “Omicron” retains three other main known symptoms of Covid disease: high temperature, Persistent cough, loss or change in sense of smell or taste.

What are the symptoms of colds? Cold symptoms can appear gradually, and include: stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, headache, muscle aches, cough, high temperature, pressure in the ears and face, loss of taste and smell.

Since many of the symptoms of Covid and the common cold are the same, it can be difficult to know what symptoms you have.

“A lot of people, maybe half of the cases, go unrecognized because they basically have very cold-like symptoms,” says Professor Tim Spector, adding that the top five signs of Covid are: headache, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, loss of smell or taste. 

“Now we see that the fever is very low in the order of symptoms,” he explained. And even rarer things like shortness of breath or a persistent cough.”

He stressed, “We have to face the reality, which is that most people infected with the Corona virus suffer from symptoms similar to those of a cold.”

Professor Erin Petersen, Professor of Epidemiology and Health Informatics at University College London, added: “Runny nose and headache are among the symptoms of many infections. But it may also be the first and only symptoms of infection with the Corona virus.”

The only way to tell the difference between a cold and a coronavirus is definitely to get a test. 

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