How Malaysian woman treats her husband amidst coronavirus lockdown

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In light of the Movement Control Order (MCO) enforcement imposed by Malaysian government in an attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus, many Malaysian wives are urged to change their lifestyle and follow directives from the Ministry of Women, Family, and Community Development, while staying at home and working from home.

The Ministry of Women, Family, and Community Development has set various new rules and instructions for married ladies to follow during MCO or the partial lockdown. These new rules include how should a working woman treat her husband and children, take virus prevention measures, and how to do online shopping and services.

Minister of Women and Family Development, Rina Harun said the new code of conduct for married ladies to practice while staying at home with their families during this MCO period will help the family to cope with the current stressing situation.

Rina Harun advised Malaysian wives to take care of themselves, maintain good look at home as they often do when they go to office, use appropriate make-up,  be courteous when speaking to their husbands, and avoid nagging too much or engaging in family quarrels during the lockdown. 

Rina Harun `s directives have drawn a lot of criticim from some politicians, activists and the Liberals. Former Minister Azlena Othman in a tweet said, the Ministry’s directives contradict the empowerment of women and the principles of gender equality.

However, many netizens have praised Rina Harun, taking into consideration that this time is not for nagging and fighting with each other,  but it s time for solidarity to stop the killer virus from spreading and killing and infecting more people.

Some said that women play a crucial rule during MCO time as they can help really take care of their children and families and ease the situation at home. 

A social media user commented , ” Rina has given the right advice,  because most of the wives, especially those who come from kampung (village or country side) simply don`t care about their appearance at home.”- Malaysia World News


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