Hotel Central Macau Won the Starlight Award “Annual Designer’s Boutique Hotel”

Chairman of Lek Hang Group Mr Sio Chong Meng right received the award on behalf of Hotel Central
Chairman of Lek Hang Group, Mr Sio Chong Meng (right) received the award on behalf of Hotel Central

MACAU SAR: Following its revitalization by Lek Hang Group, Hotel Central Macau has been honored with the title of “Annual Designer’s Boutique Hotel” for the year 2024 at the 19th China Tourism and Culture Starlight Awards, distinguishing it as the only heritage hotel in Macau to receive this accolade.

Mr. Sio Chong Meng, Founder and Chairman of Lek Hang Group, stated, “The group’s renovation project for Hotel Central was carried out with a commitment to preserving the original structure and street-facing façade. We also preserved the distinctive rooftop features that contribute to the overall architectural integrity of the complex.” He added, “We invited CCD Cheng Chung Design (HK) to restore and integrate design elements from the hotel’s illustrious past and other nearby heritage buildings of similar vintage into every aspect of the hotel. This labor of love from Lek Hang Group and our partners has been recognized by the industry.”

According to the introduction, the guest rooms are located on the fifth to tenth floors of Hotel Central. Each pair of floors is designed to represent a specific era from the 1920s to the 1940s, with delicate and precise design language that showcases the unique charm and cultural reminiscence of those periods.

The 1920s Theme: Comfort and Relaxation The fifth and sixth floors embody the theme of the 1920s, reflecting the early stage of the hotel with a focus on comfortable and relaxed decor. The design avoids overly complicated ornamentation, striking a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. The spaces feature nostalgic wood veneers and low-saturation gray-green textured paint, evoking a strong retro ambiance.

Theme of the 1920s reflecting the early stage of the hotel with a focus on comfortable and relaxed decor
Theme of the 1920s, reflecting the early stage of the hotel with a focus on comfortable and relaxed decor.

The 1930s Theme: Historical Imprints The seventh and eighth floors are themed around the 1930s, recreating the historical imprints of Macau a century ago. Old newspapers and posters serve as decorations, highlighting the city’s rich historical and cultural heritage. Western influences blend with Lingnan style window patterns, portraying the architectural characteristics of Macau at that time. Colorful tiles in the bathrooms echo the vintage elements in the sleeping quarters, creating a subtle dialogue between past and present.

The 1940s Theme: Bridging History and Modernity The ninth and tenth floors embrace the 1940s theme, constructing a bridge between the historical and contemporary Hotel Central. The mint green once cherished by innovators returns to the guest rooms, complemented by accents of black and white, dark gold, and antique copper. Through spatial imagery, the rooms awaken dormant memories, with a wall of old photographs narrating the passage of time.

The China Tourism and Culture Starlight Awards, often referred to as the “Oscars of China’s Tourism and Culture,” have become the most prestigious and influential award event within China’s hospitality industry after 19 years of deep cultivation, symbolizing the highest honor in the hotel and tourism sectors.

Situated in the heart of Macau’s Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, the rejuvenated Hotel Central, under Lek Hang Group, offers 114 rooms themed around nostalgia. Integrating modern technology and eco-friendly concepts, each room is equipped with luxurious international brand beds and silky smooth sateen pure cotton bed linens. Top-tier bathroom amenities are provided from American brand KOHLER® and Italian brand Evviva. All equipment and supplies are carefully designed and selected to match the room’s era theme harmoniously. Complimentary drinks and snacks, including Portuguese red wine and handcrafted coffee, are provided in the in-room mini-bar. The hotel also provides rental services for period costumes and vintage clothing, White Glove Butler Services, and “Golden Key” VIP privileges, ensuring the most attentive and professional services to all guests.

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