HOPE promotes housings for all levels in the society; ensure ecosystem implemented holistically –PM Ismail

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KUALA LUMPUR JULY 15: In order to support the Home Ownership Programme (HOPE) the government has launched the Home Ownership Malaysian Family Initiative or i-MILIKI involving the exemption of stamp duty on the transfer of ownership and agreement.

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, loan to buy the first house according to the tier of the house; firstly for a house pricing at RM500, 000 and lesser the stamp duty exemption is 100 per cent and secondly for a house above RM500,000-RM1 million the exemption initiative is 50 per cent.

“The exemption is for sales and purchasing agreement that has been fulfilled within the period 1st June 2022 until December 2023.
“Today we see the “Jelajah Karnival Jom Beli Rumah 2022” is the strategic effort of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) and Malaysian Real Housing and Developers’ Association (Rehda) and Media Prima Berhad to increase the ownership of houses among the target group B40 and M40.”

The Prime Minister said that in his speech when launching the Home Ownership Programme (HOPE) and Karnival Jom Beli Rumah, here this afternoon.

The Prime Minister also expressed his happiness with the launching of Financing of Malaysian Housing or i-BIAYA by KPKT with the cooperation of Ministry of Finance to simplify the home ownerships among the young generation in the Malaysian Family.

“I was informed that similar index of first affordable house map is being developed by KPKT as a guideline for the Malaysian Family on the prices of affordable houses nationwide,” Ismail said.

Ismail also emphasized that HOPE does not only help promote housings for all levels in the society but also to ensure the housing ecosystem is implemented holistically.

“The government is committed to ensure the provision of sufficient, good quality and affordable houses and should be managed by all housing developers including the private sectors.

“The home ownership should also be supported by the financial institution ecosystem that is more supportive and simplify the ownership process,” Ismail said.
It is also the Prime Minister’s hope that more affordable houses could be provided by the housing developers that are at par with the income of the Malaysian Family based on the localities.

“I hope more educational programmes such as Smart House Buying and Home Ownership Campaign at young age should be launched,” Ismail said.-Malaysia World News







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