Hishammuddin reminds UMNO members to stand strongly to face political uncertainties

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KUALA LUMPUR JAN.3: Foreign Minister, Member of Parliament (MP) and Head of UMNO Sembrong Division, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein reminded the UMNO members that the 15th General Election could be held at any time from now.

Hishammuddin said, since the general election is close by, it is high time for UMNO to be prepared and strengthen the party machineries at all levels and branches.

He said, UMNO members should be close to every member in the community, get to know their problems and understand their needs and help them to the utmost level possible.

“Let the people know that UMNO in Sembrong is not seasonal. Make sure the people in Kahang have confidence in us and work hard so that the people in Paloh will come back and have confidence in us.

“Strengthen the unity and have trust amongst us, accommodate each other, find the point of commonness and forget any differences and do not instil jealousy and have any break ups as in Sembrong there is no split and hatred politics,” said Hishammuddin in his speech when officiating the Delegates Meeting of Sembrong Division, Johor today (3rd Jan.).

In his speech Hishammuddin highlighted on Pakatan Harapan government that was led by DAP for 22 months and said how the true colours of the party was shown throughout the period.

He told the UMNO members of Sembrong Division not to forget that DAP had disputed the use of jawi and how the party had belittle the Malay Regiment and accused them that they “only eat and sleep”.

Hishammuddin said, DAP had also demanded to abolish the hajj quota and wanted the Bumiputera education special rights to be stopped.

“If all of these are not challenging the patience, tearing the hearts, scratch the morale and humiliating the Malays and Islam, what more actions could make us be alert and aware that DAP could not be made as a friend.

“We will not have to wait until the Malays fight amongst themselves, belittle their own race, syariat Islam is not practiced any more in this country and Bahasa Melayu is being deleted and the Malay Ruler institutions are being thrown out and only then we are back to our conscience but by then it is too late.

“As an individual and loyal member of UMNO, we should always have strong faith in Islam and Malay entity could not be gambled. Both are the trusts and core responsibility for us forever as member of UMNO,” said the Sembrong MP.

Apart from DAP, Hishammuddin said, UMNO members must also be careful to face the political landscape today that is full of unexpected incidents. There are individuals and party that are opposing earlier but now become friends.

He added, some are friends but now become a clear enemy. Before, most of the time they search for space to “argue” but today they are continuously searching for opportunity to make relationship closer.

“It is normal that politics is dynamic and always changing, however with the uncertainties UMNO cannot change its stand. Whoever is the friend and foe today UMNO must still be UMNO. UMNO must focus and strongly stand in line with its struggle.

“Most importantly, we should not feel comfortable to the extent previous mistakes will be repeated. We have returned to be in the government again. I am worried if we are not careful, the comfort will return to trap us again.
“Last year we had to face challenges when joining the government .We had to confront the internal and external pressures followed by COVID-19 and the Parliamentary session was very worrying and now we will have to face the general election,” said Hishammuddin. –Malaysia World News

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