High-ranking govnt officers arrested for alegedly selling fake Malaysian IC, MyKad to foreigners

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Photo Credit: Wral news

Several individuals, including high-ranking government officers, were nabbed by the police for their alleged involvement in selling fake Malaysian IC,  MyKad to foreigners.

They were arrested after a police report was lodged by the Penang Immigration Department over a Chinese woman who applied for a Malaysian passport using a legitimate MyKad was unable to communicate in the national language, reports Harian Metro.

“Doubts were raised on her citizenship status as she had a problem in communicating with the officer on duty.

“She failed to answer all questions in Bahasa Malaysia and only smiled when the questions were posed to her,” said the source, Malaysiakini quoted.

Folowing the police report, several individuals were arrested. The police  uncovered a syndicate which sold RM350,000 worth of MyKads. 

They were detained under the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (Sosma) during a special operation where police uncovered a fake MyKad syndicate last week, said a source.

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