HASiL should be transparent and fair when collecting taxes, do not burden the people – PM Anwar

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KUALA LUMPUR: The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (HASiL) and the tax members should be transparent and fair when collecting taxes from the people and the business communities and impose only the necessary tax and do not burden the people, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar said, even though the country needs to increase the collection of taxes but HASiL should take up the challenges of the technological evolution like Joseph Schumpeter theory of “creative destruction” where productivity and development will increase when the old technology is being replaced with new innovations.

“In another word, HASiL needs to be more innovative and change the system to be more efficient and effective in this era.

“I also stressed that everyone should improve the governance and inculcate honesty in money management. It is pointless if the taxes have increased in whatever amount but billion ringgits owned by the people are missing after being sucked by irresponsible people.

“The country will remain in “havoc” and the people could not be protected if the integrity of the institutions is still fragile,” he said in his officiating speech at the “Taxation Conference 2023” here Tuesday, as posted in his Facebook.

The Tambun Member of Parliament added, the MADANI Economy that he launched last week was the Unity Government’s plan to restructure the economy towards building Malaysia to be the leader of Asia’s economy and increase the living quality of the people.

“The MADANI economy framework will be realized with the values such as fair, justice, honest and responsible.

“The government can fix a sky high objective of the economy but it could not be fulfilled if all the people do not cooperate and practise the good values.

“We were the Asia’s champion once upon a time but due to gluttony and “leakages” done by certain people who have abused their powers to enrich themselves and the cronies had made Malaysia to become backward and lost the moral compass direction,” Anwar said.

The prime minister called the people to join efforts to improve the economic structure of the beloved country to enable it to become a better place for everybody. –Malaysia World News

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