Hadi: Shariah (Islamic) caning is much lenient and merciful than civil caning


KUALA LUMPUR: Non-Muslims would prefer Shariah caning than civil caning if they made a fair comparison between the two. PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang claimed today.

“I am confident that if a fair comparison was made between Shariah caning and civil caning, non-Muslims would choose Islamic caning which educates and does not torture the offender,” he said in a brief statement posted on his Facebook page along a short video interview last night.

Hadi was referring to the recent caning of two women (on September 3) for attempted lesbian sex as meted out by the Terengganu Shariah Court.

The caning of the two lesbians in front of more than 100 people from the public has drawn a lot of criticism against the state government of Terengganu and Malaysia as a whole.

The Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir and many other critics have said that the six lashes of the rotan given publicly to the two women had tarnished Islam as it portrayed Islam as a ruthless religion.

However, Hadi rejects the perception that Shariah caning tarnishes the image of Islam, claiming that the Islamic caning does not torture the offender as the civil whipping does.-Malaysia World News

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