Guan Eng directed an investigation over Bernama alleged financial problems

Guan Eng Photo Credit kosmo
Guan Eng – Photo Credit KOSMO

PUTRAJAYA: The Ministry of Finance has directed an investigation to be conducted to identify who is responsible for the serious financial situation in the news agency Bernama where Employment Provident Fund (EPF) contribution payment of its staffs has been stopped recently.

Minister of Finance, Lim Guan Eng said, the Federal Government is not “bankrupt” like a state government (state not mentioned) that could not afford to pay its administrative staffs.

“The reports which were not based on facts had tarnished the image of the Finance Ministry. It happened whenever a ministry or agency had exceeded its budget expenditures and instead tried to give reasons and had failed to manage their finances well,” said Guan Eng in a statement today.

Guan Eng was referring to the Bernama Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nurini Kassim’s statement that alleged the government has financial constraints to the extent it has failed to make EPF payments.

“This statement is baseless as the Finance Ministry gives priority to the salary including EPFpayments. Emoluments and salaries will be provided sufficiently so that emolument payments could be paid earlier compared to other payments,” he reiterated.

Guan Eng said the situation in Bernama has raised a question of whether the money provided for emoluments, salaries and EPF contributions have been “transferred” for other payments by Bernama.

According to a news report, the Senior Account Manager of Bernama , Syarifah Zini Syed  Zain has made several allegations as below:-

-Bernama has not received grant from the government so EPF payment have been used for July payment.

-Government grant is late and has not been approved by the Ministry of Finance.

-Besides EPF contribution, staff with car loans that make payments through the salary deduction are affected as payments are made until June.

-Bernama has requested the Ministry of Finance to explain the delay of grant in the third quarter that is made usually before the salary payment.

-For the salary payment in August there is no guarantee that it will be paid on 22 or 23rd August.

Guan Eng questioned if the salary for July is not paid because grant is not received from the government, then why the Ministry of Finance only received the letter of application dated July 19 and received on July 22? –Malaysia World News.

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