Government listens to MAF Veterans and give necessary support – Minister Ismail Sabri


KUALA LUMPUR APR.27: The Ministry of Defence will be amending the Armed Forces Act 1972 that will focus on the retirement age and the length of services to enable members of the military to receive a monthly pension.

Senior and Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, in the existing Armed Forces Act, a member of the military could choose to retire after 12,15 and 18 years of service without pension.

“With the amendment of the Act if approved by the Cabinet, a member of the military is eligible to receive the monthly pension provided the term of services for 21 years is compulsorily completed.

“The pension is for all members of the military after they completed their services for 21 years. At least if a military member is not successful in his business at the age of 41 for example, at least the pension will help support their daily needs,” Ismail said in a press conference after he had a dialogue session with 74 Malaysian Armed Forces Veteran Associations’ representatives in Wisma Perkasa here today.

Ismail said, the aim of the dialogue session was to listen to views and problems faced by the veterans and what kind of support the government could give as an appreciation to their sacrifices, struggles and energy in protecting the sovereignty of the country.

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After the dialogue session, Ismail had presented sums of money collected through the “Tabung Pahlawan” or Warriors Fund including RM3.18 million as of 31/12/2020 to the veteran associations. The total of money collected was RM8.74 million from donations while RM4 million pending for payments. The total sum collected to assist the MAF Veterans was RM12.745 million.

Before the dialogue session, Ismail in his speech said that RM331million from the government fund and RM5.9 million from the Veteran Foundation Fund  have been spent to help the veterans for Aidilfitri, giving away Malaysian Service Medal, National Prihatin Aid to the pensioners and non-pensioners of MAF veterans. 

Ismail added, two aid schemes have been improved and this includes the Natural Disaster Aid that has been increased from RM5, 000 to RM10, 000 and entry to the public university, polytechnic- extension of the scopes to the private higher learning institutions.

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The Senior Minister also highlighted on the one stop centre JHEV MAF that had started its operation on 2nd January 2021 aimed at giving a wholesome service more effective and easy management for the MAF Veterans.

He said, the MAF Veteran Foundation (YVATM) and Pasukhas Development Sdn. Bhd. has a joint project on the development of a 51 storey building located on a land owned by YVATM that costs RM250 million.

“YVATM is expected to receive a gross income of RM3 million a year in future through the rentals of offices and multi-purpose hall,” he added.

Ismail also announced the government has agreed to give a special Aidilfitri financial aid of RM500 to all Grade 56 civil servants and below including RM250 to government pensioners or MAF veteran pensioners.

“I would also like to announce that the Hari Raya Aidilfitri Aid is also extended to the non-pensioner MAF Veterans amounting RM250 effective 6th May 2021,” Ismail said. –Malaysia World News


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